The EU Programs


Mag. Matthew Lamb
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Austria’s joining the European Union has brought an additional focus to the LKT’s activities.

Together with international partners, various projects in the fields of vocational training (Leonardo), students’ exchange (Leonardo, Socrates), sustainable development, surveys and studies (Leonardo) and research and development (e.g. Brite Euram) have been carried out. In this respect the LKT has again a very close connection to the TGM and its students.

With over eleven years of experience in European project, the LKT now has a solid partner base (its own network) throughout Europe and further a field, participates actively in a number of international symposia on sustainable development, tourism, cleaner consumption and production, hazardous waste treatment and regional development.

Never forgetting the element of learning, the LKT with its partners has established a number of training courses of European dimension, both on-line and using more traditional face to face training methods.


The EU Programs

Select projects:

  • EEM – European Environmental Management TM  (1996-2000)

  • Cape-VIT - Computer Aided Polymer and Environmental Engineering – Vocational in Plant Training (1998-2001)

  • ICSME – Increasing the Competence of Mechanical SMEs by Continuing Vocational Training Based on Innovation and Technology Transfer (1999-2001)

  • FLEXEMAN - Flexible Learning Towards European Environmental Management (2000-2002)

  • TENVORS - Trans European Network on Life Long Vocational Learning for Sustainable Regional Development (2001-2005)

  • MOTIVATION LLL – Motivation of People with lower qualifications for lifelong learning (2002-2005)

  • HAZTRAIN – Hazardous Waste Management Training Programme (2002-2005)

  • Train to LA21 – Training the Facilitators for Local Agenda 21 implementation (2004-2007) –